BIRTAT Italian handmade, between tradition and innovation.


BIRTAT (from Turkish “bir” one e “tat” taste) is a specialized brand into the kebab manufacturing and distribution and into the trade of associated products.

Our production, completely handmade and an high-added value, is characterized from a productive system that is able to assure to the customer a safe and healthy product, guaranteed by semi-processed materials traceability. The low contents of preservatives, phosphates and chemical elements joined to the high competence of our staff declared to the customer a cool, light and nutritious product.

Despite the process is mainly hand-made, we succeed to be into the market in capillary mode with competitive prices. Our sales net increases in all parts of Italy and directs itself to the great seller, cash &carry and big consumers of the product.

Our ambition is, from always, to communicate an only one taste, handmade, healthy e 100% Made in Italy, suitable to all the types of palates.

BIRTAT Italian Handmade, between tradition and innovation.


Our family is in the meat branch from 3 generations and it has more of fifty years of tradition. The origin is from years 60’ with Mrs. Giuseppina, pioneer of retail sales of “porchetta” into regional markets, proceed to her children till to our days with the grandchildren. With the passage of time and market requirement, our production and sale spreads increasingly across the introduction of the new products of the culinary tradition of Abruzzo, such as canzanese turkey and the most famous arrosticini.

For handle a market much more dynamic and in enlargement, we decide to diversify even more our reality with the birth of BIRTAT, a specialized brand into the kebab manufacturing and distribution..


The hand-made and devotion for our products and our land are the fundamental characteristics of this project, born in 2012, in a smaller city of the Abruzzo hinterland.

Fifty years of experience into the meat branch, passed on generation to generation and the desire to accept new competitions, we’ve moved us to put our focus on a foreign product and in a large growth such as the kebab.

Across manufacturing deduced by all our experience, the knowledge assimilated in the years and important investments into the training of the staff highly qualified, we’ve characterized of Italianness a product of the Turkish culinary tradition, across hand-made manufacturing, healthy, natural products and all Made in Italy.

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    BIRTAT from 2012 produces and commercializes kebab in all parts of Italy. Even if we stay faithful to the Turkish traditional recipe, we’ve decided to adapt the product to the Italian market, across the hand-made manufacturing, guaranteed and 100% Made in Italy.